Storage VMotion rocks


Just got through a couple weeks of upgrading Mozilla’s entire VMware ESX infrastucture to 3.5 and I have to say, Storage VMotion is simply the coolest thing (well that and VMotion itself and DRS).  I feel like I’ll never need downtime anymore!

But it’s not without its gripes.  Hey VMware – why didn’t you integrate that into VirtualCenter (or even the VI client)?  Your CLI is horrible and confusing to use and if it weren’t for a third-party Window app, Storage VMotion would be really hard to use.  It’s also too bad DRS doesn’t somehow tie into this so storage could be moved around automagically for best performance.  Though maybe that’s better left to the storage boxes, like how EqualLogic does it.

And while I’m venting, where’s my OSX VI client?  Seriously, I have to fire up a CPU/resource sucking Windows VM on my MacBook or RDP to a Windows server to use VC?  Come on.


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  1. hsmith wrote on :

    I also love Storage VMotion. It’s not in the GUI yet due to not yet being fully tested and supported. Features like this will find their way into the GUI eventually….as time permits. glad you like it!