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Posts from June, 2008

Hostmaster email, funny stuff

Among the bazillion link exchange requests I get in Hostmaster’s email, I got this gem – To whomever it may concern, I am interested in your domain names,, and was wondering if you would consider selling them to me. I would be willing to go through (or any reputable escrow service of your… Read more

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I want to rack 80 Mac Minis.

I’m at it again but this time I’m shooting for 80, and yes, I’m that crazy.  I’ll be using a 2-post relay rack with 10 single-sided shelves on one side (that’d be 9 Minis per shelf).  This means I’ll deal with the following nightmares: 80 freakin’ power bricks, power cords 80 ethernet cables and no… Read more

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geodns, one week later

Finally got our home-grown GeoDNS deployed last week, one week later than I wanted.  A couple deployment issues and bug 435134 got in the way. We’re finding all sorts of uses for this now and have moved several websites over to this and have a couple more websites/services (like IRC) scheduled for this. Purely out… Read more


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seeing my energy usage, how?

On Insider Forum on PBS two weeks ago, Suzanne Shu mentioned Ambient Orb, a product “that people would keep in their house, and it would measure energy consumption in the home, so how much electricy you’re using.” Unfortunately it doens’t actually do that (sort of).  I think she meant the PG&E Energy Orb which does,… Read more


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