geodns, one week later


Finally got our home-grown GeoDNS deployed last week, one week later than I wanted.  A couple deployment issues and bug 435134 got in the way.

We’re finding all sorts of uses for this now and have moved several websites over to this and have a couple more websites/services (like IRC) scheduled for this.

Purely out of interest I graphed the number of queries per hour through geodns from the two nameservers (one in San Jose, another in Amsterdam) and got:

Worldwide GeoDNS Queries

I was concerned that two VMs wouldn’t work and I’d be looking at needing physical hardware but that hasn’t turned out to be the case yet (barely pushes more than 100Kbps with very little CPU load).  Although, since I’ve recently become a VMware DRS fan (like this guy) we’ve already cloned the San Jose nameserver and will be adding that as a third nameserver.  Since adding another nameserver/VM splits the load I also think this will scale nicely.




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  1. Robby Dermody wrote on :

    Read about your DNS system. Any plans to make the support scripts/utilities around the BIND/GeoDNS setup open source/available? It would be great to leverage this with our efforts and contribute back when we can.