I (Mozilla) need a Network Engineer

When I started at Mozilla two years ago the biggest challenge was handling a release and pushing very close to 100Mbps.  Right around that point the firewalls would fall over.  We had one data center and essentially one provider and I could count the number of app servers on my two hands.

That was two years ago.  Today’s steady state is around 600Mbps and it’s not uncommon to push closer to 1.5Gbps during a release.  We have a growing global presence with four data centers and have enough redundancy built in that it wasn’t any problem to lose one provider this past weekend (well, it was a problem but it wasn’t user impacting).

The environment has grown from a bunch of switches strung together with a mess of cables to an orderly mess of cables and a switching infrastructure that’s allowed us to be more nimble and do more complicated things more easily, often without ever having to physically visit the data center(s). And there are something like 51 app servers.

The network has grown and I need help.  I’m looking for someone to join the team and continue to grow and support Mozilla’s network and systems infrastructure (job description is after the jump).

If you’re ready for the challenge and opportunity to serve a community of 200 million Firefox users, send an email to careers at mozilla dot com!

Network Engineer Job Description

As a member of our IT team, you will assume a pivotal role in creating the company’s core high-volume systems and network infrastructure and participate in key design decisions. You will be expected to come up to speed quickly to meet technical goals and challenges and share a leadership role in a hard-working and collaborative team. We have high expectations and are looking for a seasoned professional with experience in a wide range of areas. Your time will be split between pure networking and assisting with Mozilla’s growing Linux & ESX infrastructure.

The network environment consists of Cisco and HP switches and routers, Citrix Netscaler load balancers, and Cisco and Juniper firewalls.


You must be self-motivated, capable of managing your time well, and work efficiently without close supervision. You place a high value on secure, highly available, fault-tolerant systems. You are proactive in identifying and resolving technical challenges, enthusiastically troubleshoot problems when they occur, and thrive as a collaborative team player. Key duties include:

  • Provide support in the operation of Mozilla’s growing global network infrastructure.
  • Support Mozilla’s corporate network and remote offices.
  • Monitor system stability and performance.
  • Ensure 24×7 operations.
  • Act as an externally-facing point of contact to facilitate handling of problem reports, and maintain relations with network peers and vendors.
  • Act as an internally-facing point of contact to escalate technical issues, and communicate network status.

Job Skill Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a technical discipline (or equivalent work in IT related field).
  • 3+ years of experience with enterprise/IT level network infrastructure and/or ISP network operations center/tier 1-2 support.
  • In-depth knowledge of TCP/IP fundamentals (including Layers 2-7 content switching).
  • Creative problem solving abilities.
  • Network routing protocol (OSPF/BGP) knowledge.
  • Network certifications such as CCNP/JNCIA/JNCIP (or equivalent training/experience) preferred but not required.
  • Strong knowledge of datacenter design and layout.
  • Ability to document and update processes.
  • Experience with standard network change management and configuration policies.
  • Experience with Unix/Linux administration is required.
  • Experience and flexibility regarding on-call responsibilities.
  • Understanding of web application tiers (app, database, caching)
  • Experience with scalability issues in both the network and application layers

Additional Skills Strongly Desired:

  • Strong experience with OS deployment and automation
  • Scripting/tools ability is a plus (Perl, Python or PHP)
  • Familiarity with Cisco 6500, FWSM, Citrix Netscalers & Load Balancers
  • Familiarity with iSCSI SANs

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