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Posts from November, 2008

border2 upgrade done, one more to go

Completed one of the router upgrades I mentioned the other day lastnight.  One real issue I ran into was the built in sup-bootflash: was too small to hold the IOS image I wanted and I wasted some amount of time deleting/squeezing sup-bootflash: and remembering the boot system syntax to boot off disk0:. Thought I’d share… Read more

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Router upgrades, San Jose

A couple months ago I mentioned how things have grown in the past two years at Mozilla.  Back then we barely pushed any traffic to the Internet and survived on less than a dozen app servers. Things have changed.  I’ll highlight just a couple of them: Active Firefox users grew from roughly 20 million users… Read more


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My Kids & the California Academy of Sciences

CA Academy of Sciences, Living Roof This is far from my normal Mozilla related posts but worthwhile enough that I feel like sharing it. I took my two children to the California Academy of Sciences this weekend.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but since it’s new (or newly opened) and I enjoy these types… Read more


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