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Geolocation & Zeus ZXTM 6.0

Mozilla’s North American store has been down in maintenance mode (you can read about the why) but not the International Store. The old store used to redirect non-North American users to the International Store, but unfortunately that redirect wasn’t carried over when we took the store offline. I was inspired Sunday night to put together… Read more

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2 seconds.

2 seconds. That’s the amount of time we shaved off average page load times for after last night’s work. The Amsterdam Reboot in effect! It’s been nearly ten months since we served production traffic at these levels out of Amsterdam.


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The Amsterdam Reboot

Three years ago this coming December I went to Amsterdam and installed our first non-US data center location. I remember coming back and was up late at night (fighting jetlag) setting up the Netscaler load balancers. By early January we had a CVS mirror up and running and a week later had staged and… Read more

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My Twitter Experiment, @mozdashboard.

I was recently inspired by morgamic’s Org Chart coding exercise and that got me thinking about an article I read some months ago about Zeus’ ZXTM triggers. After a couple hours this week re-learning Perl and learning SOAP I have something that I think is cool – @mozdashboard! I experimented a bit earlier in this… Read more

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Knock on wood.

10:27 < mrz> are we -sure- we’re in the middle of a 3.0.11 release? 10:27 < reed> yes, #mirrors is lively 10:27 < mrz> i don’t see anything melting down

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IT/Ops, now supporting more timezones!

Although Mozilla’s IT/Ops Team supports a worldwide user base, we’re all located in North America. That’s increasingly become a challenge as we have more employees, l10n folk and users living outside of North America. So it’s with a lot of excitement that I get to electronically introduce Shyam, who joins IT/Ops today. Shyam lives and… Read more

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How can IT reduce Firefox adoption/retention barriers?

Why don’t you use Firefox and can IT change that? At the beginning of the quarter I set an ambitious goal of trying to look at ways IT/Ops can reduce Firefox adoption/retention barriers. I kept rotating on the best way to frame this question and in the process probably kept over thinking it. Mentally I… Read more

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