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Posts from February, 2009

The power of Mozilla = .2mW/user

We talk a lot about Data.  It’s a fundamental component of Mozilla’s 2010 Goals, second only to Mozilla’s role as a centerpiece of the Internet.  In September, Mitchell talked about “usage data.” IT, and especially Operations, collects of a lot of Usage Data. Most of this Usage Data is trended and used in capacity planning… Read more


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More traffic analysis with NetFlow

I’ve been working on a couple capacity planning projects and have been knee deep in bandwidth metrics. That, combined with turning up Level3 yesterday got me looking more into where that bandwidth is coming from (and Reed asked). The first chart shows a breakdown by protocol. Shouldn’t be any surprise that 82% of Mozilla’s traffic… Read more

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Level3, post BGP turn up

Derek turned up BGP peering with Level3 this morning out of San Jose (this was supposed to be part of last night’s maintenance but he ran into turn up problems on Level3’s side). We’ve grown (bandwidth-wise) to the extent that having two transit providers wasn’t sufficient. Should either fail, I wouldn’t have felt comfortable pushing… Read more

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