More traffic analysis with NetFlow


Bandwidth usage by port

I’ve been working on a couple capacity planning projects and have been knee deep in bandwidth metrics. That, combined with turning up Level3 yesterday got me looking more into where that bandwidth is coming from (and Reed asked).

The first chart shows a breakdown by protocol. Shouldn’t be any surprise that 82% of Mozilla’s traffic is web related (SSL being the larger which, of course, make sense since it is out to destroy me). The “Other” category was filled with services under 1%.

Bandwidth usage by site
I took a look at the same bandwidth data and broke it down by source.  Most of the traffic is from (which isn’t surprising – it alone causes all my SSL scaling headaches).

The other sites aren’t too surprising to me after a couple rounds of load balancer testing.  I expected and do see (Firefox Live Bookmarks), and

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  1. Scott Baker wrote on :

    Wow nice graphs! What did you use to generate them?