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Two weeks ago my entire team was onsite. It’s perhaps the first real IT/Operations onsite we’ve had. The group is finally large enough and geographically spread around where having focused onsites makes sense. Most of the week was spent with PuppetLabs and for various reasons, I missed the beginning of the week but I had… Read more

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YearUp, Mozilla & Core Values Award

In late 2009 my friend and former colleague Dan Portillo introduced me to YearUp. I could say a lot about YearUp but none says it best than this PBS NewsHour segment. I met Jay and Sahaar at YearUp and immediately saw possibilities for Mozilla’s participation and by January 2010 we welcomed our first, albeit entirely… Read more

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I lost my passport in Hungary

I’m posting this in the hopes others who find themselves in this predicament will find this online and find it useful. I certainly found comfort in this guy’s tale. I took a side trip to Hungary this past weekend and inadvertently lost my passport. So now what? This all happened on a Friday night. Thank… Read more

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