My Army of Awesome


Three years ago we were a team of 7 if I remember right.

Today it’s a team of 38 spanning 6 different groups & 6 different time zones. They are doing things I wasn’t even imagining we’d be doing three years ago. They are, in many respects, the smartest group of people I have ever worked with.

This is Mozilla’s Infrastructure & Operations team, an extremely talented group of sysadmins, network engineers & desktop support folk –

Army of Awesome

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  1. Wil Clouser wrote on :


  2. jo wrote on :

    I don’t see fox2mike!
    I see Jim tho

  3. mrz wrote on :

    @jo missing a couple folks from this picture and sadly fox2mike had to leave the day before.

  4. Coop wrote on :

    Amy, Dustin, and Matt are also missing because they were living at the colo.

  5. Anonymous wrote on :

    Might want to scale that image a bit better; it really breaks Planet Mozilla.