Step 2.01: Air Mozilla Stage Hands Opportunity

Mozilla.  Get Involved.  Do IT.

Do you have a penchant for wearing black?  Were you in the AV club in high school?  Did you (or do you) run lights/sound in high school?

(Are you a thespian and not afraid to admit it?)

Take your involvement with Mozilla to the next level!  Be part of the stage crew behind live Air Mozilla events.

Mozilla IT is looking for a number of volunteers to join the Air Mozilla team and help behind the scenes to make live Air Mozilla events more successful. Be a part of the Air Mozilla Reboot. Learn more about this role and click here if you’re interested.

Air Mozilla Stage Hand role

As part of the Army of Air Mozilla Stage Hands you’ll help behind the scenes at live Mozilla events. You’ll be the person in the black shirt helping folks with microphones, setting up cameras and making sure AV just works.

You will volunteer onsite at MozSpaces (Mountain View, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, Paris) and offsite at Mozilla-related events.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Help run behind-the-scenes support for brownbags & Project meetings
  • Work with presenters and speakers to make sure they are successful, including making sure they are properly mic’d and have their laptops properly connected
  • Man the cameras, including switching between laptop presentation, camera view and PIP
  • Pre-flight & setup before the show goes on


  • Passion for telling the Mozilla story in audio & video
  • Interest in sound/lighting tech
  • Ability to commit to 1-3 hours per event (setup/show/teardown)

Bonus points for:

  • school or community theater experience

Interested?  Let us know!

For more ways to contribute to Air Mozilla, look at some of the other Air Mozilla SIG opportunities.

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