Step 2.1: #MozFest, Air Mozilla & London


What. A. Weekend.

My first real stay in London was punctuated by Mozilla Festival. And what a weekend it was. Radically different DNA than any other Mozilla event I’ve been to.

In many ways it reminded me of the Hacks/Hackers meetup I was at last spring in Buenos Aires. The combination of the open web and journalism is pretty energetic, a mixing of common values and beliefs.

It’s like the MoJo wiki says,

“Journalism and the open web are built on common values. And, like the web, the future of journalism lies in universal access and participation. ”

I meet interesting people (@GemmaCocker, @RadioKate, @cubicgarden & @nukeador to list just a few). I learned about the The Attitude Academy, learned I want an octocopter, talked to the folks at visionOntv, who are working hard to enable anyone to use video for social change, saw a room full of people focused on building a new generation of web & media makers and found out that I actually love popcorn(.js)!

But most importantly, @amilewski and I took Mobile Air Mozilla on the road.  We showed up at the Science Fair. We talked to people. We learned from people.  We even got talked into streaming the keynotes and closing on Air Mozilla.  And it worked.

I learned:

  • Open source video production is hard.  We both spent a lot of time trying to get the WebM capture box we had working.  This should not be this complicated.
  • The website,, was less interesting to most.
  • Most I met were more more interested in the technology we had onsite, the technology to stream from remote locations.

Some of the brain storming ideas that came out from this:

  • Create iOS/Android app to capture video and stream to Air Mozilla.  Air Mozilla will transcode and broadcast.  App could even store video for offline transfers.  Make it easy to capture and broadcast video.
  • Create web app that grabs live video and transcodes.  Why do I need to drag a special hardware capture/encoder box along?
  • How can Mozilla help push the needle on producing WebM video?

This was a great experience.  I walk away from every community event like this jazzed.  This was no exception!

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  1. hamishcampbell wrote on :

    The visionOntv interview with you is good