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Last week Lukas blogged about her thoughts on David Eave’s community lifecyle audit. I jokingly told her that I felt she called me out.

Until we require Directors to create annual and quarterly goals that include measurable goals around volunteer growth, retention, participation, and effectiveness we will only see people (like myself) trying to do this “off the corner of their desks” which means it’s not a part of your paid work and thus less likely to be sustainable and effective.

Community today

Two points:
  1. I’ve made it clear to my teams that Community is a focus in 2012. I want each of them to spend some percentage of their work time engaging with the Community.
  2. I, as a Mozillian who carries the title “Director IT/Infrastructure & Operations”, have created annual & quarterly goals that involve the Community.

I’ll restate the commitment I made back in October:

My own personal goals by the end of 2012 are:

  • to have 5-10 volunteer Community Sysadmins actively helping run Mozilla’s network and servers.
  • to have a vibrant Community IT group…
  • to have a premiere source for open source video technology, a site where the Mozilla Community can find, share and create video content

Community, tomorrow?

Back to Lukas.

She’s right and while it may not seem obvious, Mozilla IT started including Community specific goals since last quarter.

2011 Q4 Goals – Grow Mozilla
  1. IT Pivot to Open. Start discussions to generate 2012 plans.
    1. [DONE] Community IT
    2. [DONE] Community Volunteer Sysadmins
    3. [DONE] Air Mozilla
2012 Q1 Goals – Grow Mozilla
  1. Community IT. Empower the wider Mozilla Community.
    1. Spin up infrastructure to support Open Badges
    2. Enable community to join Yammer
    3. Develop infrastructure for Community website hosting (Joint with ReMo)
  2. Air Mozilla
    1. Website Reboot (bug 712717)
    2. Mobile Air Mozilla Kit. Develop a reference kit to enable anyone to stream a live event through Air Mozilla.
    3. Host one Community Air Mozilla training event
    4. Incorporate one Open Badge concept around video tagging or event streaming/recording
    5. Vidyo & multi-tenancy with


I keep coming back to this powerful but simple idea:

Be fierce. No one will build into the Internet the kinds of things we want to build.

This can not be done alone.

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2 responses

  1. paulbooker wrote on :

    Looking forward to becoming a Volunteer Sysadmins and being a part of the IT Community.

    // Paul Booker

  2. Paul Booker wrote on :

    Specifically I am very interested in volunteering as a Community Sysadmins to help develop the infrastructure for Community website hosting.

    Ok ..

    Your after 5 / 10 people and I was the only guy who left a comment on this post so you can sign me up *surely* and just say we will find some work for you later, please?

    // Paul