Air Mozilla Reboot, Phase I

With very little fanfare we rolled out a complete refresh of the Air Mozilla website.

As with everything, this was far from a solo act and I have many many people to thank in helping make this happen.  Thank you.

Air Mozilla

Air Mozilla is where we tell the Mozilla story in video, where, we hope, the open web meets open video.

It’s seen itself evolve several times but it’s core mission has been consistent – share.  Share what we do with the whole of the Mozilla Community.

What started out as just a way to share the Mozilla Weekly Project Meeting with the community, has grown into the foundation for a platform to share nearly everything we do.

The website has never had a lot of attention focused on it.  In October, we set out to change that.  What you see today is the result of several months of work and effort and a now iconic graphic element that first made its appearance at MozCamp Europe.

Air Mozilla is more than just the website.  It is,

  • Two full time paid staff who manage the AV and streaming from Moz Spaces and spend time helping the Mozilla Community stream from remote locations.
  • Two developers working hard to push WebM forward.

What’s next?

We work on Phase 2.  Here’s a glimpse at our goals for this quarter:

  • Prove that WebM can work at scale
    • Simulcast Mozilla events in WebM & Flash
    • Start Air Mozilla Artist Series
  • (phase 2) (bug 712717)
  • Stand up Digital Asset Manager
  • Issue Air Mozilla Open Badges
  • Live streaming from London & Vancouver
  • Big Blue Button integration in San Francisco & Toronto

Want to get involved?

If you’re a skilled web developer, interested in open video or interested film/multimedia, you should be a part of Air Mozilla.

The new Air Mozilla.


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