I dare you.

For the past several years in December I stop shaving. I join an ever growing community, a cadre of co-workers, of friends, of strangers.  A Tribe.  For 31 days we rejoice in not shaving, in letting our scraggly faces grow.

And then it’s over.

I dare you to make me keep going.

Those who know me know at least two things.

First.  Year Up.

Ever since being introduced to Year Up in 2009 I’ve been a passionate supporter.  Year Up is working hard to shrink the opportunity divide, to provide young adults with access to education and tools that today’s world needs for a successful career.

I wrote about Year Up but it’s worth repeating – the young folks I’ve encountered from Year Up embody intensity and determination for being more than they are today.  They are not satisfied with the status quo.  They are tomorrow’s leaders.  They are my inspiration.  They make me cry.  They make me laugh.  They will realize their full potential in ways I can not yet imagine.

Second.  Mozilla.

Mozilla is many things to many people.  For me, it’s a Mission and a Community.  Part of that Mission is Mozilla WebMaker.  Mozilla WebMaker is working hard to move people from simply using the web to making the web, “to increase their understanding of the web, take greater control of their online lives and create a more web literate planet.”  Without exaggeration, Mozilla is creating the next generation of web makers.

I Dare You

Imagine what happens if you teach tomorrow’s leaders how to create a more web literate planet?  Imagine if we can leverage the work Year Up is doing to bridge the skills & opportunity gap with tomorrow’s skills and WebMaking?

Imagine if everyone could realize their full potential.

Imagine if you played a small part in making that happen?

Can I combine those two passions – Year Up & Mozilla – and create something bigger than myself?  Can I put myself out there in a very public way?  In a way where you can laugh at me and help make a difference at the same time?

Can you keep me in this beard until March or July?  I dare you.

Dare accepted?

Help me raise money for Year Up by going to their donation site and write in “mrz beard” in the “Please allocate my donation to” blank.

Every dollar contributed will make an immediate impact on the lives of young adults, helping them reach their potential. Every dollar contributed will help teach WebMaking skills to tomorrow’s leaders.  Every $500 you help me raise is one more day I don’t shave.

Keep me in this beard until March, or June or even next December – I dare you.

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