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about mrz

I moved up from Southern California in March 2006 to start at Mozilla as their first network engineer (or as the first one to carry that title anyways).

I moved out to California in 1996 with my first real job at 3Com. I left there to work at WebTV for a short time before moving to Southern California where I worked at an Orange County ISP (where I happily met my wife). It was sold in 1999 and I left in 2001 to start working at Inktomi back in the Bay Area (I actually commuted from Orange County to Foster City for eleven months). In 2002 I returned to the ISP – after being sold, it went bankrupt and the original owner acquired it out of bankruptcy court.

Outside of work and family I enjoy road cycling and specifically long distance, endurance cycling. I tackled my first century, Breathless Agony, in 2005 and followed it up a month later with my second, Ride Around the Bear .

In February 2006 I completed my first double century. In 2007 I’m trying to hit at a century a month!

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