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Hello China, part II.

Just a quick followup to Monday’s blog and yesterday’s change.   To recap, during Tuesday’s maintenance window I added the China data center into GSLB for Even to the untrained eye it’s pretty obvious when I made the change! As I mentioned before, if you inadvertantly find yourself hitting the China data center, please… Read more


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Hello China.

Over the past year we’ve talked about our market share in China (since last April anyways). Li Gong joined Mozilla and in June we had an office. In August I was in China with Justin to setup office infrastructure (phones, vpn) and shop for data center space. In December I was back in China to… Read more

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China, day two

Today was filled with a long, exhausting work day interrupted by lunch at a nearby seafood place Li and everyone at the office took us to. I think the feeling was that this place was average but to my untrained Chinese tastes, the food sure was good. We met Mi Jai after breakfast (and after… Read more


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