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Step 1: Community IT

“Help me… help you. Help me, help you. ” ~ Jerry Maguire Last week I blogged about our efforts to be radical and pivot. The first area we’re focusing on is what I’ve started calling Community IT. Mozilla’s IT/Infrastructure & Ops team is very adept at supporting the large and complex environment needed to support… Read more

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My job, after 5.558 years

I’ve been at Mozilla for 5.558 years (or 2001 days but who keeps count?). Over that time I’ve seen my role within Mozilla change from a network engineer on a team of three to helping orchestrate a team of 38. While my role and job title has surely changed, I don’t think my job actually… Read more

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YearUp, Mozilla & Core Values Award

In late 2009 my friend and former colleague Dan Portillo introduced me to YearUp. I could say a lot about YearUp but none says it best than this PBS NewsHour segment. I met Jay and Sahaar at YearUp and immediately saw possibilities for Mozilla’s participation and by January 2010 we welcomed our first, albeit entirely… Read more

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