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The Amsterdam Reboot

Three years ago this coming December I went to Amsterdam and installed our first non-US data center location. I remember coming back and was up late at night (fighting jetlag) setting up the Netscaler load balancers. By early January we had a CVS mirror up and running and a week later had staged and… Read more

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Load Balancer performance issues, & versioncheck

I mentioned briefly in Monday’s meeting the performance issues we’re having with our load balancers.  Since then, we’ve been hustling to turn up something in the short term to handle Thursday’s Major Update and Firefox 3.0.5/ release (see here). For a number of months we’ve been looking at Zeus and their ZXTM product.  It has… Read more

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Geo DNS or getting the bits closer to you.

The Mozilla community is blessed with a lot of freely donated bandwidth through our mirror network.  This network handles product downloads through bouncer and a subset of this handles, which carries contains Firefox, Thunderbird, Camino, Seamonkey, and Sunbird releases and Add-ons (and is huge, clocking in around 100-130G). is handled through round-robin DNS. … Read more

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China, Amsterdam, San Jose and global load balancing

Mozilla’s current GSLB (global server load balancing[1]) solution (Citrix Netscalers) is a mix of active proximity probes and static map assignments. The algorithm first checks to see if there’s a match in the static maps and then falls back to proximity metrics. If that’s missing, it’ll round-robin through all the GSLB sites (effectively three –… Read more

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