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DirectWrite text rendering survey

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Firefox 4.0 uses the DirectWrite text rendering API if it’s available on your Windows 7 machine. In order to get a better idea of the range of text rendering behavior that Windows 7 users are seeing, we’ve put together a small text rendering survey. The survey renders content using a variety of Cleartype settings and asks you to choose the rendering that looks most readable to you. For each question, there’s also a comment field so you can point out funny artifacts or anything that seems out-of-place to you.

If you’re using Firefox on a Windows 7 machine, please grab a tasty beverage and take a few minutes to help us out!


  1. Download the latest nightly build.
  2. Download the zipfile containing the survey.
  3. Open the readme.html file.
  4. Read through the instructions and click on the link to run the survey.
  5. Click ‘Allow’ in the security dialog to allow the script to modify browser prefs (this is needed to render with various Cleartype settings).
  6. Run through the survey renderings, selecting what looks best to you.
  7. Submit the results.

The submitted results contain the sample renderings and your selections along with basic info about your system Cleartype parameter settings, plus your name and email if you supply it.

Thanks very much for your help with this!