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  1. Michael Sayer wrote on

    The right or need for Governments to have the ability to ” Force ” ISP’s to retain information in the first place, is in and of itself an obscene and exaggerated ” Right ” that they feel they have. I as an american citizen did not ever agree, to this so called right. Where did this come from? The ONLY “Right” they have is the right to “REQUEST” infomation AND the right to ” REQUEST ” those in a position to hold the information to do so. ISP’s must use their “RIGHT” to refuse!!
    If the U. S. Government has as they usually do, given themselves this right, I encourage and would support any and all companies , company owners public or Private who refused to allow ANY government anywhere in the world to “force” them to do anything. Citizens may “Force” Governments to behave in the manner they see fit. Not the other way around!!


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