Mum ♥

My mother has been staying with me and my family this past week. I told her about the Firefox 4 release, and showed her

Firefox 4 download counter

She was mesmerized:  “There’s one in Japan… oh, one in Sydney… South America’s doing well… several in Russia…”  I’ve pulled my laptop out to show her it several times, and given her download counts multiple times a day: “7.1 million in the first day… 10 million… 22 million… 35.5 million…”  As a result, I’ve gone on to explain to her a lot more about Firefox, its history, competition between browsers, and how I contribute to Firefox.

I give a big thank you and congratulations to the metrics team for presenting some potentially dry statistics in a beautiful, compelling and easy-to-understand manner!

3 Responses to Mum ♥

  1. Leaving the Northern Territory out of the Australian stats breakdown is a bit rude. It’s lumped in under “Other”.

  2. I think glow should be available as a screensaver!

  3. Nicholas Nethercote

    Hoges: Northern Territory is there now! Here are the current stats:

    New South Wales 251,258
    Victoria 203,340
    Queensland 124,202
    Western Australia 68,065
    South Australia 48,761
    Other 20,209
    Australian Capital Territory 16,472
    Tasmania 12,997
    Northern Territory 660

    I have no idea what “Other” covers, and how it could have more downloads than both ACT and Tasmania. Weird.