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Detail on Giant Firefox Stickers

Please note the Fathead stickers are similar to Post-it® notes — they have a low, non-damaging adhesive making all stickers easily removable. You’ll be required to remove the sticker after you take your photos. The great part is you’ll be able to reuse the sticker in your dorm room, office or house if you like afterwards.

63 Responses to “Detail on Giant Firefox Stickers”

  1. DORIAN GREY Says:

    I can promise a sticker on every microwave, in every unit (10 per floor.) All 39 floors up.

  2. DORIAN GREY Says:

    I can promise 380 stickers on respectable places. If inquired I can provide more detail.

  3. kwu Says:

    you should distinguish it from other browsers.putting the location of the advert first,so that customer can access local shopper on pavement of this size is good enough.
    i get fat up with google /yahoo which deliver adverts from USA or UK which i can’t access because of the mail cost.

  4. Mankyman6 Says:

    I am still unsure about entering. Well, for one my mother is going to be getting the Wii and I don’t really like Apple computers…

  5. Ed Maddox Says:

    This looks like fun. I can’t wait to get My hands on a sticker.

  6. Says:

    I am putting it on my moving truck and will travel thousands of miles with it proudly displayed.

  7. Saxxon Says:

    I cant wait, i hope i get a big firefox sticker, think outside the box people dont just put in on your school

  8. Dan Says:

    This is a great idea !!!

  9. Sandiemas Says:

    You all will eat my dust!!! The sticker is mine:) LOL

  10. chaoskaizer Says:

    is everyone stuck on caps today’s.
    Im excited, anyway how do you get the sticker?

  11. DeeJay Says:

    The idea is cool.
    Next time the operation should be at the whole planet.

    Greetings from Macedonia!

  12. Elite1337 Says:

    I used to use internet,but my dad is a computer programmer and he uses firefox,so one night I got really mad at IE and decided, “hey,maybe firefox will work better.I should try it I have nothing to lose but some sanity”so I tried firefox and loved it. Now im stuck using firefox(I can’t stop,ahhhh) >:) firefox shall take over the world.I should have submitted my entry, though it might be hard as im only 11, though i could take on the challenge, I’d hang it at the top of my condominium because i live in a condo complex and i live in one of the tall ones that has three layers from ground up.

  13. alum Says:

    have any of you been contacted yet as one of the 50 to win the sticker to carry out your plan?

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