2013 Year in Review: MozSpaces and WPR

January 10th, 2014 | Category: Mozilla Spaces,News and Events

2013 Year in Review

2013 was another “monumental” year for WPR, the MozSpaces extended team, and Mozillians around the world. ¬† We continued to execute on our overall MozSpace Strategy (established in early 2011) with grand openings of 3 new MozSpaces (Paris, SF 1&2 and Portland). We locked and loaded a huge collaborative planning and construction effort on our largest project to date (New Mountain View – 331 Evelyn).

Through it all, we executed pretty flawlessly on our plans and our budget (hitting our construction target dates and move-in dates for these 3 spaces).  Most importantly, we produced minimal disruption for the nearly 300 Mozillians who received a new space in 2013!   However, not everything was perfect per our master plans. We encountered an extremely long delay in our planned Berlin location (The Factory) due to construction hold-ups by the Berlin developer (landlord) which forced Mozilla to wait for its completion.   Once this building is complete in 2014, we are still planning on executing our MozBerlin interior construction plans.   All in all, 2013 was one of our most exciting and best years yet in the WPR and MozSpace world.


On April 2nd, MozParis opened in the beautiful 9th Arrondissement. This historic building (built in 1778) mixes the striking architecture of the 18th century with modern day luxuries. It is said that Marie Antoinette herself once inhabited this beautiful building. The space combines work stations for up to 50 people and a large community hall that can host up to 150 for events, meet-ups and work weeks.



After months of competitive bidding, behind-the-scenes planning and unlimited hours of construction, MozSF expanded onto the 1st and 2nd floors formerly known as the Gordon-Biersch restaurant.¬† On June 10th the floors officially opened to accommodate our planned Mozillian growth and team requirements.¬†¬† We could almost hear the huge collective sigh of relief from the packed 7th and 3rd floors!¬† In addition we now have many more new conference rooms with Vidyo capabilities and new Event, SF Commons, and Mozilla Community (public) spaces.¬† We’ll continue our tradition of “open planning” for the “Mozilla Community Space” as we begin to focus on¬† an intended use for this “old Starbucks area” so we can fulfill our commitments to Mozillians, SF and our global MozSpace vision and strategy.

¬†We removed the old Gordon Biersch sign……


….and constructed our new Mozilla monument to celebrate our amazing history and the efforts of all Mozillians past, present, and future!¬† Sneak peek (Our official celebration of this monument is being scheduled for February 4, 2014)




Our intense 2013 build-out efforts continued into the summer of 2013 as we proudly opened MozPortland in the Pearl District on July 22nd.  This MozSpace, which can house ~45 Mozillians is in the restored Brewery Block building and has a vibrant and diversely talented group of Mozillians working there and having fun in the space.  The office is located blocks away from Powell’s, breweries (it is Portland after all) and the iconic food trucks.




We will literally touch history in Berlin.¬† The Factory, where part of the Berlin wall once stood, will be a new tech hub.¬† Some of the soon-to-be neighbors will be: SoundCloud, 6Wunderkinder, Four Sektor, Toast, Urge iO, Views, and Silicon Allee. Aligning with the Mozilla mission and history, the building will have an ‚Äėopen source‚Äô look and feel with a restaurant, basketball courts, and shared spaces (all to be built by the landlord).¬† The building design was conceived to foster relationships within the Berlin technical community. Construction is planned to begin in Q1 2014 with an expected grand opening in Q4 2014. Stay tuned for updates. We are excited about our final “MozSpace” of MozBerlin.



Looking ahead to 2014 … Finishing our Original 2011 MozSpaces Strategic Plan:

In 2014, we’ll be putting the finishing touches on our 3-year journey and completing our original 2011 MozSpace Strategic Plan to provide a global footprint of¬† highly effective and productive collaboration and community areas for our global and highly distributed Mozillians.¬†¬† What began as only 1 real “Mozilla Space” in 2011 will have blossomed to nearly a dozen “Moz Spaces” of various sizes, each with their distinct localized culture, and anchored by familiar Mozilla “basics” of workspace, collaboration space, communication technologies, and overall logistics (food, drinks, events, shipping).

The grand openings of our new Mountain View space for ~300 Mozillians (our 4th generation of a Mountain View MozSpace) and our Berlin MozSpace will be highlights in 2014.  We will continue our active communication and collaborative planning to be fully transparent so we create the spaces together as Mozillians.

Just as our online surveys, focus groups, Wiki info, and Brown Bag presentations contributed to the future of MV2014 and our prior 2012 and 2013 spaces, we will turn our collective and collaborative focus on how to make the spaces we’ve built HUM in order to maximize our potential and our opportunities.

Here‚Äôs a link to the Mana page where you can see LIVE footage of construction and check in for all the latest updates. Watch as the place beings to really take true MozSpace shape… https://mana.mozilla.org/wiki/display/INTRANET/MV2014%3A+331+E+Evelyn+Ave+-+New+Office+Space


Loved Reading This?¬† Check Out Last Year’s Review!

2012 Year in Review:  https://blog.mozilla.org/places/2013/01/23/workplace-resources-year-in-review/

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Mountain View’s Fancy New Digs

October 28th, 2013 | Category: Mozilla Spaces

Mozilla’s new space in Mountain View at¬†331 E Evelyn Avenue is developing at an exciting rate! 110 days of demolition, reconstruction and reorganization started on August 12. We are aiming for a February 2014 move-in date.


The chaos before the creation

The new space is being designed around employee feedback, with an emphasis on workspace useability. Acoustic privacy around individual work spaces, as well as more conference rooms with Vidyo will make the MV2014 a haven for individual as well as collaborative projects.

Further updates are posted at the MV2014 Evelyn Avenue mana page

  • Thanks to our general contractor and our fantastic IT team you can now view the on-site construction as it happens on live webcams:
    • This is a view from the new Commons area towards the lobby.
    • Here’s a view of phone booths.
    • And this is the entry walkway from the lobby.
  • Updated plans (1st & 2nd floors + outdoor site plan) have also been posted to the mana page.
The MV2014 team loves hearing from you!  Please continue to email feedback, suggestions, questions to: mv2014@mozilla.com


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MV2014 Design Development

March 27th, 2013 | Category: Mozilla Spaces,News and Events

You’ve heard by now. Our Mountain View Headquarters are moving to a bigger, better space early in 2014. WPR is already planning this momentous move, and is making sure you’re in the loop along the way.

The MV2014 project kicked off this month with a meeting on 3/12 in MV & on Air Mozilla  where employees learned about our plans for the new Mountain View site at 331 E Evelyn St in Mountain View. Employee feedback is helping us improve and enhance our future working environments in Mountain View and elsewhere.  The goal of these efforts is to ensure full transparency and include Mozillians in the planning and design process.  WPR is focused on improving your comfort and productivity in our workspaces.  These development efforts are designed to culminate in a smooth move process and a great transition to our new home, MV2014!

Upcoming steps in the design process include:







Through this Engagement process we’re sharing and gathering information in a variety of ways:


Individual online surveys have been sent to our MV & SF offices to gather specific feedback on work styles and preferences and focus groups were held earlier in March to learn about group adjacency and identity needs between our teams at Mozilla.  We held an open house event on March 21st, giving Mountain View employees another chance to share their ideas and concerns. You can follow  along for updates for at MV Evelyn Ave Design Development.

Project Timeline:

  • March and April:¬† Space Planning and Designing (Idea gathering, several planning versions, discussions)
  • May: Develop Construction Documentation (full details down to each square foot of this new 60,000 sq ft space)
  • June: 30 day RFP process for hiring a general contractor
  • July: Sub-contractor bidding on construction
  • August 1: Demolition and construction begins
  • Feb 1, 2014: Move In!

Please join us for our next MV2014 Brownbag on 3/27 in MV and on Air Mozilla; we encourage you to join in the discussion.

Please send any questions, comments and input about the move, the design, or the engagement process to mv2014@mozilla.com. Aerial 331

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News and Events February 2012

February 01st, 2012 | Category: News and Events,Tips

Introducing Secure Printing

Do you need to print confidential documents? Our new Ricoh Multi-Functional Devices (printers) now have a secure printing option that allows you to send your private files to a machine and print with a password on demand.  Secure printing instructions are located on the wiki. Talk to your local WPR friend for help.

*Currently available in Mountain View and San Francisco, but coming soon to an office near you!


The Toronto office is hosting the Thunderlympics! (Thunderbird Work Week) from February 6-10.

They are also hosting a Gaming Work Week focusing on improving HTML5 for in-browser gaming on February 13-17.

They will be closed on Monday February 20 for Family Day.

US Offices

US offices will be closed on Monday February 20 for President’s Day.


The Auckland office will be closed for Waitangi Day on February 6.

Aucklanders have tentatively scheduled a gumboot throwing competition on February 10.


Don’t forget your sweetie on February 14th!

2012 is a leap year! There are 29 days in February this month.

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