Welcome to the Planet blog

March 7th, 2007 by Asa Dotzler

Welcome to the Planet Mozilla Blog. This is the home of the Planet Mozilla team. We’ll be posting here from time to time to let you all know about changes we’re making to planet.mozilla.org.

Our goal is to keep you all informed about new feed additions or other changes to Planet Mozilla. If we add a new feed, we’ll post a notice and probably make a short introduction. If we remove a feed, we’ll let you all know so that you can pick it up directly if it’s something you want to continue following.

In addition to subtractions and additions, we’ll also be talking about Planet Mozilla policy. We’ve enabled comments here and we invite you all to participate. If you think we’re doing a great job, we’d love to hear it. If you think we could improve, well, we’ll read those posts too. Just kidding, we’ll read and respond to as much as we can.

Please don’t, however, use this blog as a place to request specific additions or subtractions to Planet Mozilla. For that, we’ve set up a Bugzilla Component called “planet.mozilla.org” in the Websites Product. Post your requests for changes there and we’ll get to them as soon as possible.

Oh, and I almost forgot to introduce the team. I’m Asa and I’m the Module Owner for Planet Mozilla. Joining me as Module Peers are Robert Accettura, Deb Richardson, and J. Paul Reed. We’re the decision making team for Planet Mozilla but this is your service and we’re here to make it better for the entire Mozilla community so please use this blog to let us know how we can do that.


8 Responses to “Welcome to the Planet blog”

  1. »Q« Says:

    I’m glad there’s to be a Planet Mozilla Blog, but I’m afraid I have to open with a negative comment about the theme.

    With a brand new profile in Firefox, here’s what this page looks like to me: http://remarqs.net/misc/planetmoz.png

    I’d try to use XHTML, but I can’t read the instructions on the page. I hope I don’t have to escalate this to the tech evangelism team. ;)

  2. Chris Ilias Says:

    A blog on Planet Mozilla, about Planet Mozilla? How perverse. :)

  3. Robert Sayre Says:

    love the pink!

  4. Smokey Ardisson Says:

    Is the planet team going to be mass re-adding the people who have been quietly deleted over the last year or so (mentioned in the svn log, or, for deletions prior to svn, in the comments of the config file itself)? Or at least attempting to contact those people (since the deletions were, well, silent, in many cases those affected might not know they are missing or that they need to file a bug to re-appear)?

  5. Robert Accettura’s Fun With Wordage » Blog Archive » Planet Mozilla Blog Says:

    […] For those who don’t know (such as those who don’t subscribe to the Planet Mozilla feed), there is now a Planet Mozilla blog. The goal is to allow for good communication between the new Planet Mozilla module owner/peers (including myself) and Planet Mozilla bloggers and readers. This just shows how blogging is really an important part of the browser development process, as well as community building. The dialog that started in mozilla.governance was a great first step. […]

  6. Asa Says:

    Smokey, we’re re-adding those who were removed who want to be added back, yes.

    – A

  7. Channy Says:

    Congratulation! It’s new blog.
    Would you add subscription Mozilla Korean Blog in english http://www.mozilla.or.kr/zine/?feed=rss2&cat=10.


  8. Asa Says:

    Channy, I’ve approved the change in the bug you filed.

    Others, please file bugs for changes to Planet Mozilla. It’s much easier to track there.