On Content

March 9th, 2007 by Asa Dotzler

Today I “Won’tFixed” bug 288856. The part of this bug that applies to Planet Mozilla would have required that either the Planet Mozilla maintainers censor posts from contributor feeds or require that the contributors self-censor. Even though the Planet Mozilla policy doc is still in draft (at mozilla.governance,) it’s already clear that neither of those are going to happen, hence the Won’tFix as it relates to the Planet Mozilla resource.


3 Responses to “On Content”

  1. Cameron Says:

    You should edit the theme to show who posted the specific post (especially if multiple people are going to be posting here.)

  2. Asa Says:

    Cameron, thanks for the suggestion. I hadn’t noticed that it wasn’t adding the author to the posts. Unfortunately, this is going to require going through IT so for now I’ll just add a signature to the posts to make it clear who is speaking.

  3. Kai Says:

    Can’t you please prefix each post in the RSS feed with the author, just like it is done in the feedhouse.mozillazine.org feed? Like:

    Asa Dotzler: beijing stadium
    Paul Kim: austin, here we come

    It makes it _so_ much easier to identify what each feed item is about, and makes for less wasted clicks.

    Thank you!