Planet Mozilla Plan and Policy proposals

March 9th, 2007 by Asa Dotzler

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Thanks to everyone that’s participated in the discussions here. It’s helped greatly to inform our early decisions and get us rolling.

Robert Accettura voices what I think a lot of us are coming around to realizing:

For the record, it’s great to see so much discussion about what was originally somewhat of a small thing in the community. It says two things in my mind:

  1. Blogging has a very positive impact in development, and is very well regarded by all readers, and participants.
  2. People get a much better understanding for the “behind the scenes” and “when not behind the computer” in developers lives.
  3. People really enjoy it. I know I do.

[insert cute remark about that being three things, not two, and then segue to the roadmap.]


Here’s a quick dump of our plans for Planet Mozilla. I’ve broken it down into long-term, medium-term, and short-term. The long-term plans are more about the vision of the project rather than specific goals or tasks. The nearer-term stuff is a bit more concrete.

Long Term

  1. Planet Mozilla will be a lively hub of news, opinion, and knowledge and a resource for anyone interested in Mozilla.
  2. Planet should include feeds from everyone in the Mozilla Community willing to participate and it should evolve in real time with the community.
  3. Usability should improve for both the Web and feed versions as the technology allows.

Medium Term

  1. Offer at least two feeds at Planet Mozilla. One feed will be inclusive of whatever content community members offer. A second feed will offer, by methods still to be determined, only or mostly Mozilla-related content.
  2. Update the Planet software and the theme for the Web version.
  3. Finalize a policy for the operation of Planet Mozilla.

Short Term

  1. Redress of grievances. (in process. file bugs if you were wronged in and need us to right things.)
  2. Set up better communication channels. (mostly done)


Here’s a second draft of the “policy” for how the Planet Mozilla team will manage the service. Some are placeholders and we need to work on the language.

I. All active Mozilla Community members* are eligible for inclusion in a Planet Mozilla feed.
II. All changes to Planet Mozilla require either review from two members of the Planet Team.
III. Blog owners will be notified before any changes are made to their feed at Planet Mozilla.
IV. All changes made to Planet Mozilla will be announced at the Planet Mozilla Blog.
V. [We probably need to have something here about disclaimers of liability for content.]
VI. We will strive for diversity in the make-up of the Planet Mozilla Module Owner and Peers.

* active Mozilla Community members include anyone who is contributing to any Mozilla-hosted projects. This includes, but is not limited to, code contributors, policy wonks, qa and testing folks, marketing contributors, localization teams, user support people, documentation contributors, project management people, toolsmiths, and regular forum, irc, and newsgroup participants.


The plans for Planet Mozilla are really just about making it the best possible resource for our community. I’m happy to have feedback there, especially on the medium-term goals. There’s probably a lot more that could be added to the policy part, too, but I think we should approach this with, as Deb phrased it, a “let’s see what happens” style of policy rather than trying to figure it all out before moving to make things better.

Again, thanks for all of the great feedback. Keep it coming.

A (on behalf of the Planet Mozilla team)

6 Responses to “Planet Mozilla Plan and Policy proposals”

  1. Ian McKellar Says:

    On inclusion:

    * active Mozilla Community members include anyone who is contributing to any Mozilla-hosted projects.

    This definition concerns me a little. By this definition is it appropriate to have the Songbird blog in I could see that it shouldn’t be part of, but as someone who has worked with Mozilla from outside of AOL and the Mozilla Corporation I like the inclusiveness that has brought. I’d love to be able to continue to keep track of what AllPeers and Songbird are up to and also find out what Joost, Flock and others are doing with the platform outside of Mozilla controlled servers. I’d love to be able to read the blogs of prolific external extension developers through the same interface too.

    On content:
    The thing I loved about when it first appeared was that it was a great mix of technical, on-topic stuff with random glimpses into the lives of people I knew mostly from IRC and technical mailing lists. I think that seeing each others’ vacation photos makes us a better community :)

  2. julien Says:

    I encourage you to have a look on which is a kind of “planet” for the french free software called “spip” (a very powerful CMS, developed by “non-geek” people).

    On this spip-planet called sedna, every feed is proposed by default, but everybody can make its own selection thanks to + or – signs on the feed list placed on the right part of the screen.

    May be it can be a feature of mozilla planet.

    By the way, I like a lot the design of your blog (white/pink/black & flowers are beautiful).

  3. Gérard Talbot Says:

    Planet Mozilla always produces webpages with lots (hundreds!) of markup errors.

    Planet Mozilla webpages should always output valid markup. Always. Just today: 168 errors. There is very little excuse for that.

    Please visit bug 151557

    Gérard Talbot

  4. Gérard Talbot Says:


    Please visit bug 373495

    Thank you

    Gérard Talbot

  5. Aaron Johnson » Blog Archive » Links: 3-12-2007 Says:

    […] Planet Mozilla Blog — Planet Mozilla Plan and Policy proposals Quote: “1. Blogging has a very positive impact in development, and is very well regarded by all readers, and participants. 2. People get a much better understanding for the ‘behind the scenes’ and ‘when not behind the computer’ in developers lives. 3. Pe (categories: blogging roi mozilla planet blogs ) […]

  6. Percy Says:

    Great to see activity in Planet Mozilla.

    So far PM content has been oriented to developers and somewhat deeply
    involved Mozilla community members, the result is that there’s little
    or null content for end users who, to my understanding, are part of
    the community.

    Last year for example, Brian King suggested Mozilla Links (which I
    ran) to be included in Planet Mozilla, but (predictably) was rejected
    because the content wouldn’t fit the overall tone. But after reading
    the policy draft I think a separate feed for end users should make
    sense. As I see it, content for end users is that that helps them work
    with the products (tips), know about Mozilla related projects
    (extensions/products reviews), know about important Mozilla events in
    all fronts: promotion, development, testing, bugs, releases, security
    warnings (news), know the people involved (interviews), know what
    other people experience with the product is (forums), share their
    opinion in some topics (polls), etc. And of course all of this is
    available but scattered around.

    So what about creating a separate feed that aggregates all end user
    oriented websites’ content like Spread Firefox, Firefox Add-ons (top/
    new add-ons), Mozilla Links (, Firefox
    Facts (, Firefox Extension Guru (http://, Firefox Hacker (http:// and others. Posts could be tagged
    appropriately for cases where content may not be “end user-ish”

    I think this is an opportunity to create a product that will
    strengthen users links with the product, the project and the people
    behind it and their peers and a great vehicle to, though some sporadic
    posts here and there, capture some users’ interest so they become
    testers or even developers as well. I know other mechanisms exist and
    a really interested person will find his way but this wouldn’t hurt

    What do you think?