removing filters

March 13th, 2007 by Asa Dotzler

If you were providing a comprehensive feed and counting on the filters in place at Planet Mozilla, please let me know because we’re not going to be filtering any more. Thanks.

A (on behalf of the Planet Mozilla team)

6 Responses to “removing filters”

  1. greg Says:

    what if we don’t even know what that means? we should just ignore it, right?

  2. Asa Says:

    Yeah, just ignore it :-) Some blogs were being filtered so that only Mozilla-related posts were coming through. We decided that was bad. Someone then suggested that it was possible a contributor might have been counting on those filters to keep his Planet posts on topic. I just wanted to check and see if that was the case (though I suspect it won’t be.)

    – A

  3. javier Says:

    What about those of us who just want Planet to be about Mozilla related subjects?

  4. Asa Says:

    Javier, we will, eventually, get a feed that’s as Mozilla-specific as possible (not sure what approach we’re going to take here, though — either using Planet filters or requesting Mozilla-specific feeds for anyone that wants on to that version.)

    – A

  5. Frédéric Wenzel Says:

    I, for my part, only have the Mozilla category of my blog aggregated by the Planet, so for every single post I decide explicitly if I want it to show up on Mozilla Planet.

    That doesn’t mean you mustn’t push anything not 100% mozillian to planet, but it makes it easier for you to make a case by case decision, and that’s much better than a filter.

  6. Laurens Holst Says:



    I’m really not waiting for this religious spam to appear in my RSS reader.

    Please add back some form of filtering.