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Planet Addition: Class of 2/17/2008

Sunday, February 17th, 2008

Laura Thomson (feed) – Laura works on the Mozilla Corporation web dev team.

Marcio Galli (feed) – Marcio is a long-time Gecko evangelist. His blog has updates on Firefox and Mozilla development projects in Brazil.

Gavin Sharp (feed) – Gavin works on Firefox and will be blogging about Mozilla stuff related to his work.

Planet Addition: Class of 2/12/2008

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

Code Simplicity (feed) – Max Kanat-Alexander, one of the primary authors of Bugzilla, authors a blog titled Code Simplicity that focuses on simplicity in the technical world, and often uses his experiences with Bugzilla as examples, by discussing how things in Bugzilla could improve or by talking about improvements the Bugzilla team has made.

Stephen Lau (feed) – Stephen is the Developer Advocate for Songbird and already blogs on various things open sourcy and Songbirdy.

Jane Finette (feed) – Jane is the Director of European Marketing for Mozilla. She joined last October and is based in London. Her blog will be about Mozilla and Marketing Mozilla in Europe.

For the Record (feed)

Carsten Book (feed) – Carsten, though normally known as Tomcat in the Mozilla world, is a member of the Mozilla QA Team working on Test Execution and Test Automation. He is based in Bavaria, Germany, and he hopes he will find the time in the future to write more about his work with Mozilla QA, Testdays, and Leak Testing / Extension Performance Testing.