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Planet Addition: Class of 6/23/2008

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Jeff Walden (feed) – Jeff has hacked on Mozilla in an eclectic mix of areas: Firefox help documentation, E4X (native support for XML) in JavaScript, test harness development, Mozilla’s web server strategy, and leak-busting, to name but a few. You will quickly come to know and love him as the person who 1) requests that automated testcases accompany patches, 2) denies review when such testcases aren’t provided, 3) raises Cain over leaks, and 4) militantly advocates for everyone else to do all the above too.

Felipe Gomes (feed) – Gave two talks on add-ons development and some processing.js demos.

Arun K. Ranganathan (feed) – Joined the Mozilla Corporation on April 16 2008 as a full time employee. Previous employment stints which are relevant to Mozilla include time spent at Netscape Communications doing work on Mozilla (between 2001 and 2003) and contract work for Netscape between 1998 and 2001, where I was a consultant on Netscape ONE technologies.

Dietrich Ayala (feed) moved his blog.

Planet Addition: Planet Mozilla Interns

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

Planet Mozilla Interns (feed) – Planet Mozilla Interns is a sister copy of planet dedicated to all Mozilla Interns. Instead of adding each intern separately on the main planet (, we decided to add the entire feed of the intern planet. Interns do a lot of very creative things at Mozilla (see Mitchell Baker’s blog post about the intern program at the Mozilla Corporation for some examples), so we welcome their future contributions to Planet Mozilla. :]

If you are a Mozilla Intern (for the Mozilla Corporation, Mozilla Messaging, Mozilla Europe, etc.) and would like to get your feed added to the intern planet, please contact reed on

Planet Addition: timeless

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

timeless (feed) – I’m timeless, if you’ve visited a Mozilla property in past 8 years, you’ve probably encountered me (I like playing the devil’s advocate, I hope it was enriching, but if it was frustrating, I’m sorry). I have my hands in virtually all of Mozilla’s 0-1.8 code and tools from core (xpcom, js, xpconnect) to UI (xul, js), to (perl) Bugzilla, MXR, Bonsai, and Tinderbox.

Editors Note: In true timeless style, his blog is named “404 File Not Found”, the feed is there and is valid. We fell for it too.

Planet Addition: Class of 6/1/2008

Sunday, June 1st, 2008

Meeting Notes from the Mozilla community (feed) – The agenda and minutes of Mozilla team and project meetings from If you run a meeting and would like it added to this feed, please file a bug and cc Benjamin Smedberg [:bs] You could even post a patch: the script configuration is kept in a mercurial repository.

Jan Odvarko (feed) – “My name is Jan Odvarko and I have joined Mozilla in November 2007. Currently I am member of Firebug team and full time contributor to this extraordinary extension ( Most of my posts is/will be probably focused on extending Firebug and Firefox extension development in general. These I would like to put in the Planet Mozilla category. Prior to Mozilla I was co-founder and Chief Software Architect of AllPeers.”