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Planet Addition: Class of 7/21/2008

Monday, July 21st, 2008

Philippe M. Chiasson (feed) – Philippe, known by his friends as Gozer, is helping the Mozilla Messaging folks build out a whole infrastructure they will be able to eventually call their own. When not busy wrangling servers into doing his biddings, he’s often found hacking on various open-source projects, juggling or spinning a yo-yo. He’s one of those folks that never managed to figure out if he wanted to be a sysadmin or a programmer, so he might also fix a few Thunderbird bugs or two.

Mozilla Messaging NOC (feed) – A news feed managed by Philippe M. Chiasson for the Mozilla Messaging NOC for purely infrastructure related posts, of a more general interest, and immediate nature. (For instance, our network connection is down until such and such a time, etc.).

Siddharth Agarwal (feed) – Siddharth (sid0) is a Google Summer of Code 2008 student for Mozilla, working on adding Thunderbird integration into the Windows Vista search indexer. He also daylights as a CS student at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India. Apart from programming, he is passionate about video games.

Mozdev (feed) – The official Mozdev blog managed by Mozdev admins and board members occasionally blogging about new Mozdev features.

European Mozilla Community Blog (feed) – The European Mozilla Community Blog is the place where European community members talk about what happens related to Mozilla in their country and what they do with Mozilla Europe to promote Mozilla technologies and innovation on the Internet on the old continent.

Francis Robichaud (feed) – Francis is a computer engineer student at Sherbrooke University completing his bachelor degree by the end of the year. He’s currently an intern at Révolution Linux where the company’s main goal is to deploy thin clients based on Mille-Xterm. One of his internship goals is to fix bugs related to memory consumption in X and contribute to Mozilla by increasing stability for thin clients. He will also be looking forward to joining the Mozilla team as a permanent employee in January. His blog entries tagged with the Mozilla keyword should mostly relate issues encountered by users while browsing on thin clients and hopefully he will provide bugfixes with explicit details. He’s also using Eclipse-CDT as an IDE to develop Firefox and some posts will target tweaking and optimizing this environment for large C++ projects such as Firefox.

Dave Bottoms (feed) – Dave (”db”) is one of the latest additions to the product marketing team at Mozilla Corp. Dave will be focused on developing marketing strategies and programs to grow the Firefox user base and help build the brand. Since 2001, Dave has held various product marketing roles at Yahoo!; prior to that he did product marketing at Tellme Networks and Netscape. Dave plans to blog about marketing strategies and programs, as well as industry trends from a non-technical, consumer perspective.

William Quiviger (feed) – William is Mozilla’s new EU Community Marketing Manager. He will be taking care of community and participation for the European side of Mozilla.

Mozilla Standards (feed) – The Mozilla Standards blog will feature discussions of Mozilla’s participation in standards activities, including those taking place under the aegis of W3C, ECMA, and WHATWG (amongst others). Arun Ranganathan, Standards Evangelist, will blog a lot of stuff himself, as well as hound Mozilla engineers in working groups for their thoughts on the emerging web platform.

Jonathan “Jono” DiCarlo (feed) – Jono joined Mozilla in February 2008, coming from a Chicago startup company called Humanized, to work on experimental user-interface ideas for Mozilla Labs. His new blog is called “Not The User’s Fault”, and is about user-interface design and usability, with special emphasis on the challenges of making open-source software that’s as usable or more so than its closed-source competition.

Planet Addition: Dave Eaves

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

Dave Eaves (feed) – Dave Eaves is a an expert in negotiation and public policy who often works with community groups, non-profits and government agencies consulting on negotiation strategy and public policy issues. He’s given presentations about how these things pertain to Mozilla, and writes frequently on the topic of Mozilla and open source projects on his blog at