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Planet Addition: Class of 10/18/2008

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

BlueGriffon (feed) – BlueGriffon is a new xulrunner-based (X)HTML editor coming from the crazy people at Disruptive Innovations including Daniel Glazman and Laurent Jouanneau. The app is tri-licensed MPL/GPL/LGPL. The BlueGriffon blog will publish release announcements and technical articles about the implementation.

Toby Elliot (feed) – Toby has just joined Mozilla to work on Labs backend engineering, focusing on the infrastructure to support Weave. He’ll be talking about scaling, API design and related topics and has promised to find somewhere else to post his cat pictures.

Adam Christian (feed) – Adam is working on the GristMill and MozMill QA Automation effort for Firefox, as well as testing features such as DOM Worker Threads.

Suneel Gupta (feed) – Suneel just joined Mozilla as a Director working on challenges related to sustainability and public policy. He believes technology has an central role at all levels of social progress. In his free time, Suneel runs Kahani Pictures, a production company that aims to tell important stories thorugh an open and collaborative filmmaking approach.

Tiffney Mortensen moved mozilla posts to a new blog (feed).

Planet Addition: Class of 10/7/2008

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Above the Fold (feed) – “Above the Fold: Mozilla in the News,” is meant to provide a forum for discussion around Mozilla public relations.

Alice Nodelman (feed) – Alice works for the Mozilla Release Engineering team concentrating on performance testing (Talos!) and automation, along with brief forays into graph server territory. She’s been with the project for over two years but is only now beginning to blog, mostly at the insistence and encouragement of those who shall remain unnamed.

Davide Ficano (feed) – Davide works on XUL projects especially Firefox and Komodo extensions. In 2007 won the Extend Firefox 2 contest in Runners Up section. Also participates as a developer to localization portal.

Karl Tomlinson (feed) – Karl is a platform engineer, working on Mozilla in New Zealand since March 2007. He added windowless plugin support for X11 systems, brought MathML support through the migration to Cairo/Thebes and the refactoring of reflow, and has been enhancing font handling on Linux.

Laura Mesa (feed) – Laura is one of the newer members of the marketing team and focuses most of her time on SEM and international marketing.

Abimanyu Raja (feed) – Abimanyu is another core contributor to Ubiquity. He hopes to make Ubiquity easy enough to use for his grandma (currently, it is not). He’ll be blogging about the experiments that people undertake using Ubiquity and how Ubiquity is making these experiments easier. Besides programming, he’s also interested in how the world works, in a completely non-technical manner.