Planet Addition: Class of 12/26/2008

December 26th, 2008 by raccettura

Joe Drew (feed) – Joe Drew has been involved in the Mozilla community as a tester and occasional bug reporter since the project began, but became much more involved upon being hired by the Mozilla Corporation in February of 2008. He currently works in the graphics group, and is Gecko’s imagelib maintainer. \o/

Jeff Muizelaar (feed) – works on the graphics team from the Mozilla Toronto offices, and will be blogging about Cairo perf, image scaling, and non-prescriptive etymology. Mike Beltzner has described his work as a “Must Read” and Johnathan Nightingale has called him “A paragon of the modern world; a titanic force.” (Jeff had no part in the writing of this bio.)

Aki Sasaki (feed) – Aki Sasaki is a new Mozilla employee, but was at Netscape from Feb ’01 to July ’03. Aki is currently on the Firefox build/release team and focusing on getting Fennec performance and unit tests automated on Nokia N8x0’s.

Nick Nguyen (feed) – Nick Nguyen is the new Add-ons Lead for Mozilla. A lifelong nerd, Nick likes giant robots, video games, and keeping the internet open and free. Before his dream job at Mozilla, his most relevant gig to date was as the product lead for browser extensions, platform, and community on

Zach Lym (feed) РZachary Lym is lead grunt of Usability research for Mozilla’s Ubiquity. He is currently working on an undergrad major of Psychology with a minor Graphic Design, and eventually a masters in Usability. He lives in Seattle, right next to the Troll.

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