Planet Addition: Class of 1/18/2009

January 18th, 2009 by raccettura

Fabien Cazenave (feed) – Is an XUL developer and lead dev of the KompoZer project.

Onno Ekker (feed) – Is an extension developer blogging about extensions or mozilla things, like AMO, their Statistics page and Bugs.

Christoph Dorn (feed) – Christoph Dorn is the author of FirePHP and is starting to get involved with the Firebug Working Group. Christoph will be re-writing FirePHP (a Firebug extension) from scratch over the next few months and at the same time build a system to help other firebug extension developers.

Barbara Hueppe (feed) – Wherever possible we try to give interviews, and have also been keen to share as much news with reporters as we can. Barbara is joining us to action these kinds of requests and also to help lead our efforts in Europe with regard to open source pr. She is based in Berlin, Germany. Before joining Mozilla in December 2008 Barbara worked in communications for eBay and PayPal. She will blog about her experience in spreading firefox working with community and media in Europe.

Brian Birtles (feed) – Brian has been working on SMIL Animation for SVG on and off since 2004. He’s now (Jan 09) working as a summer intern at the Auckland office to try get SMIL moving (sorry). He’s also generally interested in SVG, Internationalisation, and oriental text from having worked for Canon and in Web development in Japan.

Nick Nethercote (feed) – Nick Nethercote is new to Mozilla, although he’s been using Firefox since it was called Phoenix. He has been a core developer of Valgrind since 2002, and aims to make Valgrind even more useful for Mozilla hackers. A member of the JavaScript team, he will also be working on TraceMonkey. He lives in Melbourne, Australia, and so the scheduling of teleconference meetings just got even harder.

Daniel Holbert (feed) – Daniel Holbert is a platform engineer living in Mountain View, California. He’s worked on table & printing code, and he’s recently been focusing on Mozilla’s SVG Animation implementation.

SamePlace (feed) – Blog of SamePlace Addon

Massimiliano Mirra (feed) – Massimiliano is part of the team that develops TomTom HOME (4+ million users at the beginning of
2008), have done Mozilla-related research independently, started the XUL Italia community site, and in my own time work on MozRepl and SamePlace (winner in the Extend Firefox 2 contest).

The Songbird feed has been broken down into individual authors. You can find the full list in the bug.

QMO Events (feed) – This one’s not a person. QMO Events like QA Testdays, Tbird Testdays and Bugdays etc.

4 Responses to “Planet Addition: Class of 1/18/2009”

  1. Tomer Says:

    I know what will happen now – people will tag every new person on the planet for the Seven Things virus! :-D

  2. raccettura Says:

    @Tomer: There’s a very real risk of that.

  3. Tomer Says:

    I just talked here and got caught by gen. How can I add myself to the planet so the rest of the community will be able to read my post?

  4. Oyun Says:

    She will blog about her experience