Planet Addition: Class of 2/28/2009

February 28th, 2009 by raccettura

The Mozilla Foundation (feed) – This blog will features news, stories and information related to the Mozilla Foundation’s activities and programs. Each of the Foundation staff will post regularly to share what they are doing.

Delphine (feed) – Delphine is a new addition to the Paris staff working on community involvement in Europe and reporting to me, so this has my approval. She is an ex-Mozilla intern, previously worked on web localization and helped organize the Paris Mozilla Add-Ons Workshop (MAOW) as well as the European Mozilla Camp in Barcelona with William Quiviger and Paul Rouget. She will help the European team in our day to day activities and relationships with our communities and other open source projects.

Wim Benes (feed) – Wim Benes is a localizer, active since 2005. Next to localizing Firefox, Thunderbird, Calendar and Mobile into the Frisian (fy-NL) language, there are also 2 dictionaries in the add-ons section and he is supporting the local community as much as possible. Blogging will be about visited events and other things that come around.

David Dahl (feed) – David Dahl recently joined Mozilla to work on the Firefox Team. Previously at Industrial Light and Magic, David re-wrote an internal knowledge base that documents the Lucasfilm companies’ visual effects, gaming and TV production pipelines. A Mozilla/Firefox user since Mozilla 0.8, David has written extensions used in online research and collaboration, and is the founder of

Gary Kwong (feed) – Gary Kwong is the author of The Rumbling Edge, having been involved in various parts of Thunderbird, Javascript security, QA triage, IME testing, and the like, he has been branching into open source education through Mozilla, and bringing fellow students into the daunting world of Mozilla development. He is now teaching the second of his Mozilla classes at the National University of Singapore while still in his second year in college, and this is his blog where he will focus on education to keep them separate from The Rumbling Edge.

Ludovic Hirlimann (feed) – Ludovic is the QA lead for Mozilla Messaging. He’ll talk about QA, Thunderbird and other relevant bits of the project.

Justin Wood (feed) – Justin will be following meme’s (yay and boo for some), writing about SeaMonkey in the news, Features of SeaMonkey, new developments, and probably other quasi-random things that affect “us” in Mozilla.

Kent James (feed) – Kent James is a mailnews backend hacker, working mostly on email filtering and spam management. He maintains a number of extensions at with experimental features for Thunderbird that utilize recent backend code changes.

Michael Erlewine (feed) – mitcho (Michael Erlewine) is a linguist and coder in Tokyo who will be working on various language-related issues in Ubiquity and supporting its future localization.

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