Planet Additions: Class of 8/15/2009

August 15th, 2009 by raccettura

Tim Riley (feed) – Tim will be blogging about QA team and testing community activities along with testing topics.

Julie Deroche (feed) – Julie (jgoulie on IRC) works in the recruiting team at Mozilla, and she’s also responsible for the Mozilla Internship program.

Stephen Horlander (feed) – Stephen Horlander is a long time contributor to Firefox, having worked on the default themes (Winstripe and Pinstripe) for Firefox 1.0. His input has helped shape the visual appearance of Firefox since the beginning, and most recently he acted as the lead visual designer on the “Firelight” theme used in Firefox 3 on OSX. He recently started working for the Mozilla Corporation full time as a Product Visual Designer with the Firefox team, and expects to fill his blog with very pretty things.

Dão Gottwald
(feed) – Dão will be working from Germany and will blog about Firefox development.

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