Planet Addition: William D

January 9th, 2010 by raccettura

William D (feed) – “Okay so maybe a short about me? Well I am a web developer / designer from Great Britain who is a complete and utter Mozilla fanboy. And proud of it. I am a Mozilla Campus Rep and Mozilla Marketeer. As far as I am aware (having done a large amount of research) I am the only person to have run a cross-site treasure hunt (mozhunt). I spend a large amount of time on and am actively involved with the Mozilla UK project (though not an administrator). I will be heading off to university in 2011 if my exams this year go well and while I am looking forward to an entire course based on Computing, there are a few topics that have really caught my interest. The first of these is the fundamentals of web technology and essential networks and the second is the way computers and society exist within an interdependent relationship. So as you can see, I am, by pure definition. A computer geek. But thats okay. I can still be kool (with a k)!”

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