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Planet Additions: Class of 6/27/2010

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Michael Wu (feed) – Michael is a mobile platform engineer working on Fennec for Android. Michael is working on various Android integration features as well as general mobile performance issues.

Matt Woodrow (feed) – Matt is currently contributing to various GFX tasks, in particular relating to
hardware accelerated rendering. Matt is also working towards finishing his degree in computer science.

fantasai (feed) – fantasai is an Invited Expert in the W3C CSS and I18n Working Groups and a longtime contributor to the Mozilla Project, starting out as a layout QA volunteer and eventually becoming entangled full-time in CSS spec-writing, conformance testing, and layout-engine refactoring fun.

Planet Addition: Nick Thomas

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Nick Thomas (feed) – Nick Thomas is a release engineer for MoCo, and works on the infrastructure that provides Firefox development builds and releases.

Planet Additions: Class of 6/13/2010

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Mike Hommey (feed) – Mike has been involved at various degrees in Mozilla packaging for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution for 7 years. His contributions focus on better integration on Debian systems and porting on all architectures supported by Debian. He also likes to scratch unrelated itches and for example his is currently investigating some Linux startup performance aspects (He’s planning to blog about it soon, so that would be the first post to show up on planet.m.o).

Alon Zakai (feed) – Alon is a platform engineer on the mobile team at Mozilla. Currently Alon is working on various things for mobile Firefox, like getting features to work in the new multi-process architecture, power management, etc.

Women & Mozilla Blog (feed) – Articles about:

  • what women contributors are working on
  • how to improve women’s participation in Mozilla and how to incite more women
    to participate in Mozilla and FLOSS

QMO feed moved.