Planet Addition: Tantek Çelik

September 19th, 2010 by raccettura

Tantek Çelik (Feed) – Tantek joined Mozilla on 2010-146 as a contractor working on web standards including HTML5, CSS3, and various social networking and identity standards (see for more details). He’s been involved with and edited open web standards at W3C for over a decade, as well spearheaded the grass-roots microformats community. Follow Tantek on his blog and on Twitter as @t. He recently published a book+video tutorial on HTML5 called “HTML5 Now: A Step-By-Step Tutorial for Getting Started Today

3 Responses to “Planet Addition: Tantek Çelik”

  1. Dan Says:

    “Tantek joined Mozilla on 2010-146”

    What does that mean?

  2. Tantek Says:

    Hi Dan, it means Tantek thinks in ordinal dates.

    For more calendar explorations (and some of the reasons) see:

  3. user.von Says:

    let’s add this here (via glazblog/ ):

    Just saw Tantek Çelik appear on Just saw also the announcement on Planet Mozilla Blog and it made me react immediately because Tantek’s introduction there is not enough.

    Tantek is not just yet another contractor with a good standards background. Tantek is the man behind one of the most superb browsers of its time: Internet Explorer for Mac, with first-class CSS support. He is also a loooong-time influential member of the CSS Working Group (if I recall correctly, Tantek joined the CSS WG in 1998) and contributed directly to many of our specs. If two or three names have to be attached to Microformats, Tantek’s is one of them. It’s a side note but he’s also an old and good friend of mine I have immense respect for. Tantek is a guru, a real one, and Planet Mozilla Blog’s announcement did not reflect it.

    Seeing Tantek become a mozillian is an old dream. I think I mentioned it during a dinner in his flat when he decided to leave Microsoft. But Tantek joined Technorati instead. So welcome Tantek !

    Oh, and his last name starts with a Ç (Ç), don’t write it C :-)