Planet Additions: Class Of 11/14/2010

November 14th, 2010 by raccettura

Steve Fink (feed) – Steve Fink works for Mozilla on performance and tools. Before Mozilla, he did performance tuning on a games-over-cable TV channel that had sparkly diamonds, thousands of independent MPEG streams coming out of each Linux server, and lots of bright happy colors. Before that, he was a core engineer at Reactrix Systems, making Linux-based 2d- and 3d-camera driven interactive video projection systems to make small children cry when their parents dragged them away to go home. Along the way, he’s dabbled in the Parrot project, data warehousing, plagiarism detection, rock climbing, and numerous open source projects.

Geo Mealer (feed) – Geo joined the Mozilla QA Automation team in June 2010 and works on Mozmill test and framework development, as well as Desktop Firefox testing. Since the mid ’90s, he has held a variety of development, release, and QA/automation roles for companies such as Red Hat, Borland, and VMware. Geo also enjoys riding motorcycles and volunteering for duties at SF/Fantasy conventions and his local hackerspace.

Jennifer Boriss feed moved.

FuzzyFox (William Duyck) blog moved.

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