Planet Additions: Class Of 12/5/2010

December 5th, 2010 by raccettura

Michael Verdi (feed) – Michael Verdi joined the SUMO team in April as the content manager. He has a lot of experience writing easy-to-understand software documentation having previously co-authored the book Secrets of Videoblogging and created the Freevlog tutorials. Outside of Mozilla he’s a member of a theater company, a filmmaker and a triathlete.

Julian Seward (feed) Julian is a British programmer living in Stuttgart in southern Germany. He works on runtime analysis and space profiling of the Mozilla codebase. His blog exists mostly to publicise some of the work he’s doing for Mozilla.

Jonathan Protzenko (feed) – Jonathan is a Thunderbird contributor. Jonathan works mainly on Thunderbird experiments such as the upcoming Thunderbird Conversations, or “Compose in a tab”, and contributes to other areas of the Mozilla project (documentation, gecko fixes, {applications.thunderbird,extensions}…).

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