Planet Additions: Class Of 12/21/2010

December 21st, 2010 by raccettura

Danny Moules (feed) – I’m a software developer who recently started helping in the Mozilla community involved in development of Mozilla labs projects and the odd Thunderbird patch. I’ve developed a few Firefox addons and I’m an avid video games developer evangelising the benefits of WebGL. I work full time in clinical health software.

Matt Evans (feed) – Matt Evans is the Director of Quality here at Mozilla. Matt Evans’ career spans from establishing QA efforts in startups to running test engineering in large public companies. When not getting out the latest release, Matt tries to spend his time enjoying the family cabin near Donner Lake, CA.

Pierros Papadeas (feed) – Pierros is a curious wannabe architect, foss enthusiast, jack of all trades, focused in promoting Free and Open Source Software and Open Web. Pierros is actively participating in Mozilla Marketing Team, Fedora Project and many other foss projects.

Allen Wirfs-Brock (feed) – Allen Wirfs-Brock is a Research Fellow at Mozilla and a member of Ecma TC-39, the JavaScript standards committee. His interests include programming languages, virtual machines, the evolution of the browser platform, and the ubiquitous computing.

Mozilla DevTools (feed) – The Mozilla Developer Tools group helps with projects that make life better for web developers. On this blog, we’ll talk about the projects we’re working on.

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  1. Dan Says:

    There seem to have been a few changes recently (updated blog URLs, removed blogs) that haven’t been announced here. I think it would be good to announce these so that people can update their own subscriptions, or to allow them to continue subscribing to someone separately who has been removed from planet.