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Planet Changes for 3/27/2011

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Samuel Sidler feed was updated.

Justin Wood feed was updated.

Planet Additions: Class Of 3/20/2011

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

The Firebot Blog (feed) – The Firebot Blog is status updates (upcoming changes, new features and downtime reports) about Firebot, the support and bug reporting mozbot.

Matej Novak (feed) – As copywriter for Mozilla, I plan to use this blog to discuss a range of topics related to the way we communicate with our current and prospective users.

Planet Additions: Class Of 3/13/2011

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Ben Moskowitz (feed) – Ben will be blogging regularly about project progress and other good stuff.

Margaret Leibovic (feed) – Margaret Leibovic is a developer on the Firefox team, working on making Firefox look prettier. She was a Firefox intern in the summer of 2009, and joined the team full time in August after graduating from MIT.

Brian Dils (feed) – I’m Brian and I’m joining the UX team to work on all things mobile for Firefox. Before joining Mozilla, I worked for a couple other technology companies such as PayPal, Logitech, and most recently Adobe where I lead the design of Acrobat and Reader for mobile. I’m originally from Indiana, so I love all things basketball. I also love other creative endeavors that are tangentially related to my job, but for which I have no natural talent, such a graphic art, typography, and photography.

Dave Hunt (feed) – Dave Hunt works in the QA team, where he writes automated tests for Firefox as well as many of Mozilla’s web properties. He is an active member of the testing community, and is also a contributor to the Selenium project.

Erin Knight (feed) – Erin is working for Mozilla on Assessment and Badges for the School of Webcraft Drumbeat project.

Planet Additions: Class Of 3/6/2011

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Pippa Buchanan (feed) – Pippa Buchanan contracts with Mozilla Foundation as a community manager and curriculum lead for the School of Webcraft project with Peer 2 Peer University ( Pippa blogs about working with online and open communities, web development skills, Mozilla Drumbeat and open education.

Matt Claypotch (feed) – Potch is the secret vigilante pseudonym of Matt Claypotch, a Frontend Developer on the AMO team. He came to Mozilla from Yahoo! in April 2010, though he originally hails from Pennsylvania. A Mountain View resident, Potch speaks in JavaScript, dreams in CSS, and eats PSDs for breakfast.

Deb Richardson feed moved.