Planet Additions: Class Of 5/8/2011

May 8th, 2011 by raccettura

Kevin Gadd (feed) – Kevin Gadd is a programmer on the performance team, working on new developer tools, analytics, and performance improvements for Firefox. In his spare time he works on developer tools for video game creators, along with games of his own.

JP Rosevear (feed) – JP Rosevear works with Gfx and Accessibility as a director in the platform group at MoCo. He has been involved with free software for the past 13 years developing and managing work around GNOME, OpenOffice, openSUSE and Linux.

Andy McKay (feed) – Andy is Web Developer at Mozilla. He’s been doing Django and Python for quite a while and likes talking for ages about how awesome they are. Can also be found talking about beer and Canadian politics.

Aaron Train (feed) was moved over from planet intern.

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