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Planet Additions: Class Of 6/27/2011

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Chrissie Brodigan (feed) – I work on the Creative Team at Mozilla as an engagement lead (a hybrid role, part technical implementation/part design & user research). I’m an advocate of web standards, lover of HTML5, and mayhem maker in the world of getting designers to work on open source software projects big & small. I blog at & tweet as @tenaciouscb

Rob Hawkes (feed) – Rob is a Technical Evangelist within the Developer Engagement team at Mozilla. He’s addicted to visual programming and spends most of his life experimenting with the latest Web technologies. Rawkes is his personal blog which documents his experiments and related goings on within the Web industry.

Breaking the egg (feed) – Breaking the egg is a place for us to post UI ideas and mockups for Thunderbird and other Messaging products.

Planet Additions: Class Of 6/12/2011

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Curtis Koenig (feed) – New Sr. Security Program Manger at Mozilla, this blog will be for things security, Mozilla and technical.

Lucas Adamski (feed) – I run the Product Security team at Mozilla, focused on making the web a shinier and safer place! This blog contains some semi-official stuff, but mostly its my personal observations and meanderings.

Luke Wagner (feed) – Luke is a programmer and has been working on the JavaScript Engine for the past two years. He enjoys long walks through the source trees, modal text editors, maligned programming languages and trying to make us faster.