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Planet Additions: Class Of 7/31/2011

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Gregor Wagner (feed) Gregor is a PhD student at the University of California in Irvine in the group of Prof. Michael Franz and a part-time contributor for Firefox. Gregor is working on memory related issues like overall memory footprint and garbage collection for JavaScript.

Carmen Collins (feed) – Carmen Collins is the Content Editor for the User Engagement Group at Mozilla. Not only is she a content creator and curator for over 15 years, she is also a social media maven. Follow her musings on her Mozilla blog, Content Contemplations.

Sean McArthur (feed) – Sean is a developer on Add-on Builder, and enjoys MooTools, Android, Python, and Star Wars.

Lloyd Hilaiel (feed) – Lloyd works in labs, and write about software.

Gent Tha├ži (feed) Gent is from Prishtina, Kosovo. Gent is part of Mozilla Kosovo Community in the Balkans and also a part of the ReMo program as an official Mozilla Rep. Gent’s focus area currently is Marketing where he tries to promote Mozilla and it’s products through social media, international and local events etc. He also help organize events in Kosovo.

Joey Armstrong (feed) – Joey joined RelEng in mid-May, and will be working from New York. He is currently working with sandbox makefiles to improve build performance and re-factor and simplify content.

Gian-Carlo Pascutto (feed) – Gian-Carlo is an embedded developer working for Mozilla on Firefox Mobile and will be blogging about my experiences there, as well as anything that is of interest to the Mozilla community.

Alex Vincent feed moved.

Robert O’Callahan feed moved.

Planet Additions: Class Of 7/24/2011

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Sam Liu (feed) – Sam Liu, member of Mozilla’s Tools and Automation team. Sam is a Mozilla Summer 2011 Intern and is based in Mountain View. Interested in and exploring a variety of technologies including AI, distributed computing, and specialized datastores.

Irina Sandu (feed) – Irina Sandu works on the Market Insights team. Irina helps with supporting the mobile product development and marketing teams with information on the industry, market and competitors. She also help out on various different research projects to make our products relevant to their audience and market.

Planet Additions: Class Of 7/17/2011

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

Bobby Richter (feed) – is comprised of a group of computer science enthusiasts. We build, experiment and learn together. We are interested in HTML5, Ruby, Javascript, DSP, and finance/economics.

Planet Additions: Class Of 7/10/2011

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

Geoffrey MacDougall (feed) – Geoffrey leads partnership development for the Mozilla Foundation, building relationships with foundations, government agencies, and the broader non-profit sector.

Chris Lord (feed) – Chris Lord, an engineer working on the Firefox Mobile platform. Chris joined Mozilla in June and is based in London. Chris is also an active member of the GNOME community.

Planet Additions: Class Of 7/5/2011

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Jared Wein (feed) – Jared recently joined the Firefox team, currently focused on the user interface of the browser. He recently graduated with a Masters in Computer Science from Michigan State University and previously worked at TechSmith Corporation (Okemos, MI) as a Software Engineer on Camtasia Relay.

Crystal Beasley (feed) – Crystal is an interactive designer who wanted to test gaming theory in the real world. So she created a Kickstarter project and raised $1,600 to build a pie cart. She baked her Granny’s favorite pie recipes, and sold the slices after games of roshambo. When she’s not baking, you can find her making mayhem as a UX Designer.

Web FWD (feed) – Official blog for Mozilla’s Web FWD innovation accelerator. More information at