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Planet Additions: Class Of 8/28/2011

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

Mozilla User Research (feed) – The Mozilla User Research blog is where we’ll share our latest research questions and problems. We’ll also report the findings from our qualitative and quantitative research studies. We hope you’ll respond with ideas and questions of your own.

Malini Das (feed) – Malini Das is a member of the Automation & Tools team. She works on improving the test harnesses and whatever else catches her eye.

Lior Kaplan (feed) – Lior Kaplan is Open Source and Free Software activist involved in Open/Libre Office, Debian and Mozilla, and on board of the Hamakor free software organization in Israel.

The Mozilla Thunderbird Blog (feed) – News and notes blog for Mozilla Thunderbird.

Justin Wood feed moved.

Planet Additions: Class Of 8/21/2011

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

Gregory Koberger (feed) – Gregory Koberger is a webdev on the AMO team. He spends most of his time talking about programming, user experience or coffee. His non-Mozilla-related musings can be found at

Nigel Babu (feed) – Nigel is a contributor to Mozilla webdev. He actively helps in the development of input and socorro.

David Mason (feed) – David Mason is the product manager for the Jetpack team. He has a long history with open source including a stint at Red Hat, working on the GNOME Desktop, thinking about and implementing open source for government and politics, and creating open source tools for healthcare workers in Africa. He currently lives in Carrboro, North Carolina.

Shane Tomlinson (feed) – Shane work in Labs as a developer and writes a blog at about Javascript, and what is going on here.

Byron Jones (feed) – Long time bugzilla developer and reviewer, now part of the team looking after

Lucas Rocha (feed) – Lucas Rocha has recently joined the Mobile team at Mozilla to work on the user interface of the mobile browser. He’s a long-time GNOME contributor and have formerly worked at litl and Nokia.

Planet Additions: Class Of 8/7/2011

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

Donovan Preston (feed) – Writes: “At Mozilla I’m working on dom.js, a project to implement the browser’s DOM apis in pure JavaScript. dom.js will be useful for anyone using JavaScript outside of a browser, such as developers implementing server side applications using Node.js, and the project is also helping to uncover bugs in the various HTML specifications which were not obvious before. My main background has been in the Python community for the last 10 years, where I worked on a number of Open Source projects such as Eventlet, Nevow, and Twisted.” [Editors Note: Awesome bug]

Jeff Griffiths (feed) – Jeff Griffiths is a Vancouver based web developer and open web advocate; he’ll be working on the Developer Engagement team helping to promote the new Addons SDK to web developers and the existing Addons developer community. [Editors Note: Jeff had an old Active State blog, this is a new role/blog move].