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Planet Additions: Class Of 9/25/2011

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Brian R. Bondy (feed) – Blogging a lot about silent updates and Windows 8 and Mozilla.

David Rajchenbach Teller (feed) – “I have recently joined Mozilla, where I act as one of the Tech Leads of the Performance Team. Every day, we make Firefox, Thunderbird and the Mozilla platform faster, leaner, and more generally, better, for desktop and mobile devices alike! Previously, I have held many impressive titles at MLstate, where I designed and led the implementation of the open-source Opa platform. For fun and profit, I produce code and science. I design programming language-level mechanisms, in particular for concurrency, distribution and security.”

Matt Brandt (feed) – Matt Brandt is a member of the WebQA team and works mostly with the Socorro and Input communities. His interests and passion on the open web is facilitating conversations advocating for quality. He is at home doing exploratory testing but loves writing extensible automation solutions.

Ben Simon (feed) – Ben is leading the Join Mozilla project for the Foundation. Previously, Ben was the director of new media campaigns for the Democratic National Committee and Organizing for America. He will be blogging primarily about Join campaigns.

Jim Chen (feed) – “I was a mobile intern in 2010, when I worked on IME support in Fennec, and again in 2011, when I worked on development tools for Fennec. Right now I’m studying Electrical Engineering at University of Cincinnati (final year! hopefully…), but I plan to keep contributing to Fennec development, while exploring new projects such as B2G.”

Erick León Bolinaga (feed) – University student from Cuba, Cuban Mozilla Community founder and leader. 4+ years spreading Firefox and Mozilla Mission. Web developer of Community site and services. Recent MozRep.

Updating Planet Mozilla Policy

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

We on the Planet team have spent quite some time figuring out what direction we want to take Planet to make sure it’s the best resource we can give to the community. We’ve taken polls, discussed amongst ourselves and observed quite a bit. We’re now going to take some actions we feel will serve the community best.

In addition to the existing criteria of having “some demonstrated involvement with the Mozilla project or community” we’re going to limit inclusion to Planet Mozilla to individuals both going forward and retroactively. To expand on that the following criteria will be our guide:

  • Being a singular human, or humanoid (we’re robot friendly) with a singular name behind the blog.
  • An occasional “Guest post” is perfectly fine, so is bragging about your project, announcing what you and your team is working on. Planet is about discussion and sharing. We just want to get away from the press release style posts seen on product blogs. Planet is about the people and the great work they do, not the products directly (indirectly, absolutely).
  • Notable exceptions may be made for the Mozilla blog, and Planet blog. These would be very rare in nature for overarching things. The Planet team will be responsible for making this decision when

We aren’t in the business of censoring content. We just want people, discussion, insight and value to be the focus, not team/product speak and announcements. There is a place for those other things, but planet isn’t it. We’ll be looking very closely at creating a planet for teams/groups/announcements and would love feedback on the idea.

This puts us in line with planet aggregators for other projects/communities.

We’ll be making this change in the upcoming weeks. We just wanted to do this in a transparent and clear manner. There will be some grey area here and the planet team will address those cases individually as warranted.

The Planet team is always open to feedback. We’re dedicated to facilitating discussion and sharing in the community. We’re just starting to discuss other things we can do to help Planet Mozilla scale to the larger community and encourage more great discussion.

raccettura (on behalf of Planet team)

Planet Additions: Mozilla en version française

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Mozilla en version française (feed) – Blog of the localization team in French.

Planet Additions: Class Of 9/11/2011

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Brian Warner (feed) – Brian Warner is an engineer in Mozilla Labs and has worked mostly on the Add-On SDK (aka Jetpack) since early 2010. He also hacks on cryptographic protocols, capability-based security design, and the distributed secure filesystem. He lives in San Francisco.

David Clarke (feed) – “Quality Automation Services is the team. I was on the founding team of gizmo5, with various roles across software development, qa, billing, voip tech. I was the platform QA manager at LiveOps, where we built all kinds of new fangled methods of testing voip. When I’m not hacking on code bases and trying to make them more resilient. I spend time reading, training in martial arts (black belt in shotokan karate, several years in muay thai, a bit of western boxing to boot), running, spending time with family / friends. What excites me about QA ? Making something repeatable, reliable, and scalable.”

Planet Additions: Class Of 9/06/2011

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

William Lachance (feed) – William Lachance is a member of the Automation & Tools team. He has previously worked on a wide variety of software projects, from WordPerfect file format converters to trip planners for public transit. He is presently helping to bring down Firefox build/test times as part of the GoFaster project.

Nathan Froyd (feed) – Nathan enjoys improving ill-performing code and automatic rewriting of ugly code. Automatic rewriting of ugly code to improve its performance…well, that’s about as good as it gets, isn’t it? Before joining Mozilla, Nathan worked on the GNU toolchain at CodeSourcery, primarily on GCC, QEMU, and GDB.

Arky (feed) – Arky is supporting the l10n communities in Asia starting new localizations and working with existing localizations to streamline processes and procedures.

Malini Das feed was updated.