Planet Additions: Class Of 9/11/2011

September 11th, 2011 by raccettura

Brian Warner (feed) – Brian Warner is an engineer in Mozilla Labs and has worked mostly on the Add-On SDK (aka Jetpack) since early 2010. He also hacks on cryptographic protocols, capability-based security design, and the distributed secure filesystem. He lives in San Francisco.

David Clarke (feed) – “Quality Automation Services is the team. I was on the founding team of gizmo5, with various roles across software development, qa, billing, voip tech. I was the platform QA manager at LiveOps, where we built all kinds of new fangled methods of testing voip. When I’m not hacking on code bases and trying to make them more resilient. I spend time reading, training in martial arts (black belt in shotokan karate, several years in muay thai, a bit of western boxing to boot), running, spending time with family / friends. What excites me about QA ? Making something repeatable, reliable, and scalable.”

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