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Planet Additions: Class Of 10/24/2011

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Alex Clark (feed) – Alex is a volunteer working on creating virtual machines for kitsune and zamboni to bootstrap a development environment. You can track Alex’s progress here. Alex also blogged recently about Mozilla & PyPI here.

Vladan Djeric (feed) – Vladan is a new member of the Performance Team working on improving Firefox performance in desktop and mobile environments. Vladan also has an interest in computer security and researched ways to improve browser and operating system security as a graduate student at the University of Toronto. Before joining Mozilla, Vladan worked on a variety of projects including embedded software, networking, FPGAs, and others.

Gregory Jost (feed) – Greg joined Mozilla Engagement team in early 2011 as product marketing manager for Europe and Partnerships. Greg’s primary focus is ensuring our presence in Europe is relevant and fits the needs of our local markets. Part of his role also involves leading the Mozilla Marketing Reps program (a subset of Mozilla Reps). Prior to joining Mozilla, Greg worked at and an ecommerce startup where I held various marketing roles.

Tom Schuster (feed) – Tom is a German High-School student working on the JavaScript Engine for about one year. Tom is also interested in a lot of other Mozilla projects, such as MDN or Mozillians.

Alexander Surkov (feed) – Alexander Surkov is Mozilla accessibility developer. He works at Mozilla since 2007 guided by idea to make the web accessible for everyone.

Planet Additions: Class Of 10/16/2011

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Lawrence Mandel (feed) – Lawrence Mandel is a Firefox program manager involved in cross cutting engineering efforts like silent update, Electrolysis, and Telemetry. He recently joined Mozilla after working for IBM for close to a decade. While at IBM he was very involved in open source efforts founding both the Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) project and the Apache Woden project. Lawrence is also author of the book Eclipse Web Tools Platform: Developing Java Web Applications.

Andrew Halberstadt (feed) – Andrew is part of the Tools and Automation team and works on several automated test frameworks. Much of his work is centered around Mozmill, Responsiveness test automation, Firebug test automation and working on various python tools.

Planet Additions: Class Of 10/09/2011

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

Joe Walker (feed) – Joe works on Developer Tools i.e creating tomorrow’s Firebug, which includes working on things like the Style Inspector, the Graphical Command Line and the Web Doctor.

Eitan Isaacson (feed) – Eitan Isaacson is a political activist, Open Source software engineer and accessibility advocate. He is currently working on accessibility solutions for Firefox Mobile.

Joe Stagner (feed) – Joe has been designing and developing web applications since 1993, built companies during the Dot-Com boom and spent the following 10 years working in Microsoft’s Web Developer Tools and Platforms group. In 2011 Joe followed his passion for Open Source to Mozilla where he is a Senior Program Manager in Mozilla’s Developer Engagement organization.

Alex Keybl (feed) – Alex recently joined Mozilla, and will be helping with release management of Firefox out of the Mountain View office. In college, Alex was active in the One Laptop per Child community. He’s since worked at Apple as a build engineer, and later program managed features/builds related to mainline development of Mac OS X. Alex has lived in NY, VA, NC, and now resides in Santa Cruz. His feed reader mainly consists of news/politics, music, Duke basketball, and anything future-tech. Give him a shout @alexkeybl.

Planet Additions: Naoki Hirata

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

Naoki Hirata (feed) – Naoki Hirata is a member of the Browser Tech team. His interests and passion on the open web is advocating exploratory testing and trying to reduce crashing and hanging in applications.